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The school programs provide an alternative to an off-site field trip.  Our educational program directors will provide your school with an extensive look into Native American history and culture.

Our programs are highly interactive. They touch upon your imagination through games and stories that guide you through Native American culture. 

Each lecturer brings years of school instructional experience and have always received the highest reviews from their participants. Please visit our School Program section and see some of the wonderful things students and teachers have had to say about our program.








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    Reptiles of all sorts come out to enjoy the sun, including rattlesnakes.  When you go out on the trail make sure to bring a long sturdy walking stick with you.  If you encounter a rattlesnake place the walking stick between you and the snake and slowly back away.  If the snake is startled and strikes it is more likely to go for the stick, since its closer to them.        This portion of the site is a child friendly area filled with lots of resources on the world around us.  Parents, be sure to check out this area with your kids since it is filled with things both you and your child will enjoy!      

Visit Ventura County trails. Hikes are ideal for scouting groups and club outings.



      The Echota Cherokee Deer Clan West works to share Native American culture with those around us in hopes of promoting understanding of our culture.




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