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Before the 1800s


The first documented contact between Europeans and the Cherokee was in the late 1600s when traders from settlements began trading with the Cherokee.  Europeans; however, didn't have any major interactions with the Cherokee's until the mid 1700s. 

In 1730 Sir Alexander Cuming brought 7 Cherokee warriors to London to meet the King as a way of showing that all Cherokee people supported England and would be loyal to the king.  The seven were Attakullakulla (Dragging Canoe's father) Ounaconoa, Prince Skalilosken, Kolianna, Oukah Ulash, Talhtowe, and Clogoittah. Members of the Cherokee tribe would visit England once more in 1762.  The three that went in 1762 were Standing Turkey, Osteneco, and Mankiller. 

 Many Cherokee didn't trust the Europeans; including Dragging Canoe.  The Chickamauga band, named for the creek they lived around, guided by War Chief Dragging Canoe lead a series of attacks against encroaching settlers during the 1770s and early 1780s.  Dragging Canoe died at age 60 in 1792. His companion, John “Young Tassel” Watts then became the Chickamauga War Chief and continued leading raids on encroaching settlements.

Other members of the Chickamauga band included Charles Hicks, James Vann (ancestor of Deer Clan West clan chief, Dr. Robert "Nighthawk" Vann), and The Ridge.  These three were known as the Young Chiefs. They along with Doublehead led war parties against United States settlements.

Also during this time is when the first treaties were made with the Cherokee; including the Charleston treaty in 1771 and the Treaty of Hopewell in 1785.  The Charleston treaty is believed to be the first concession of Cherokee land.  The Treaty of Hopewell is the first treaty between the Cherokee and the newly formed United States. 


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