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Echota Cherokee Tribe



Cherokee Language


About the Language

The  Cherokee language is classified as one of the Iroquoian languages.  It has three distinct dialects; lower, middle (Kituhwa), and overhill (Western).  The Kituhwa dialect is spoken mainly by the Eastern Band on the Qualla Boundary (western North Carolina) and Western dialect is spoken by the Cherokee Nation in Oklahoma.

The Cherokee language contains an 85 character syllabary invented by Sequoia.  Today the language contains over 85 distinct sounds/syllables and the syllabary has adjusted to fit modern needs.



Echota Cherokee Language Lessons

The Echota Cherokee Tribe of Alabama speaks a subdialect of overhill.  Several projects have worked to capture, preserve, and educate about the Echota Cherokee language.  One example of this project is the Echota Tsalagi Revitalization Project, created by Auburn University.



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