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Echota Cherokee Tribe



Mission Statement


The Echota Cherokee Deer Clan West shall preserve and promote Cherokee history, language, traditions, and culture. As well as support the advancement of  educational programs that promote the contributions of Cherokees and all other Native Americans.


Our goals include:

  • the growth of our educational programs

  • the preservation traditional cherokee culture

  • the preservation and education of the cherokee language



"The Echota Cherokee Tribe Of Alabama "  Tribal Flag


The "Phoenix" representing our "rising from the ashes "

The 7 star's representing our 7 Clans

The single black star honoring our ancestor's who's light went out on the  " Trail Of Tear's "


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Cherokee Language

Echota Cherokee Tribe Official Site



Goals of Echota Cherokee Tribe of Alabama


  • To encourage and promote socioeconomic development aimed at tribal and individual self-sufficiency. 

  • To support the preservation of traditional Cherokee culture, language, and values. 

  • To improve education and training opportunities for tribal members. 

  • To seek improved health care for our people with particular emphasis on children and elders. 

  • To encourage our people to develop, as individuals, their talents as craftsmen, dancers, artists, musicians, and writers. 

  • To continuously strive to maintain the dignity of the American Indian by  always treating others with the utmost respect and courtesy.


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