Basket Weaving


The Chumash were very famous for their basket weaving.  It was a critical part to their community efforts.  Like the Tomol and Anchum, these baskets were simply the highest quality and very valuable.

A normal basket made would have anywhere from 120 to 200 stitches per inch.  And, these were a high quality.  Some of the Chumash expert weavers would spend a great deal of time preparing their basket materials; and, they could have a many as 300+ stitches per inch!!

The baskets were used in all levels of the settlement- gathering food, fishing, storing, preparing, serving, bowls, offerings, containers, banks, baby carriers, treasure chests, gifts, ceremonies, even hats and more.  Their baskets could even hold water.

Their baskets would be treated with Yop to water seal them.  Some were baked to harden and seal.  Their colors and patterns were very simple- usually a basic zigzag, step lines, or lines.  Coloring usually had only black, red, orange and yellow.  It was not until the Spanish arrived that additional patterns and colors were added.



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