Modern civilization owes a great deal to the Chumash people.  The creation of Yop was a vital part to their community and ours today.

Yop was a mixture of hardened tar and pine pitch.  It was heated and mixed and had a hundred uses.  Primarily, it was used in the construction of Tomols (Chumash canoes) and baskets.

The mixture was a fabulous water proofer.  It could be baked in or just smeared on.  It was a flexible epoxy and insect repellant.  It improved the Ap's weathering ability and so much more.

This tar mixture would become even more famous in our era.  When the Spanish came- they renamed it to asphaltum.  This, of course, is what is called asphalt, today.  Thus, every time we drive down a road or play on a play ground, we owe this convenience to the efforts of the Chumash. 



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