Chumash Life


The Chumash really became a definable separate community directly after the Initial Early Period during the Terminal Early Period about 5,000 years ago.  They became settlements and a Matriarchal Linear Society.  The female Chumash ran and organized the settlements through group decisions, councils, and a 'Wot', chieftain.  Matriarchal Linear (or Lineage) basically means that the family name stays on the mother's side.  Males married into the females family.  'Wot's' were often male and they would lead activities beyond the settlement.  This is true with many Native American families.

The Chumash in the Santa Barbara and Ventura Counties were extremely peaceful.  They defined themselves for the last thousands of years as highly, skilled crafters- home builders, money makers, canoe makers, basket weavers, etc...

The Chumash are warm, kind people.  They carry with them strong beliefs in the creator and respecting life.  They have a sincerely, deep understanding of community and sharing with the peoples of the earth including the trees, plants, animals, and spirits.  A great lesson can be remembered and learned here- Root, Pattern and Destiny... Learn from the past, apply in the present and protect the future.


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