Native medicine is composed of two main parts, spiritual and physical.  Many native cultures believe that illness is just as much a sickness within the spirit as within the body.  Healing is comprised of any combination of songs, prayers, sweats, smudging, various herbs, and ceremonies to heal both the spirit and the body. 

Some common medicinal materials were willow bark for sore throats or fevers, elderberry flowers was used for colds, nettle was used as a treatment for severe joint and muscle stiffness or paralysis.  Poison oak was also used to help heal wounds.  Mugwort was used to relieve sore muscles, rheumatism, and skin conditions including poison oak rashes.  White horehound was used for coughs and chest ailments and when boiled into a tea it is used for fever and promotes sweating.  For more information visit our plant identification section.



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