Dragonflies hold great powers.  They have been around definitively for 200 million years and most scientist say possibly 350 million.  Their design was perfect even from the beginning.  Even more spectacular is the way they exist:  Beginning in water, then growing into the air.  For Native Americans and other nature based cultures this is a powerful combination.

  Water is the element of emotions.  Water is ever changing, flowing, surging, calming, growing; and, a child is the prime example of these features.  When the dragonfly is born, it starts off as a nymph, underwater.  It stays there as a dominate creature for two years, then one day it climbs to land and sheds it youth.  From it rebirth, it springs wings and its wisdom takes flight.  This 200+ million old creature takes its experience to the air.  Air represents wisdom, knowledge, and communication.  With age, the dragonfly takes on many beautiful colors.  These color signify its dynamic experience.  Dragonfly wisdom and experience can take them in any direction- up, down, left, right, backwards, and forwards.

For someone experiencing a dragonfly, the meeting can have great significance.  The dragonfly could be recognizing you for your wisdom, diversity, or experience.  Or, if you know you are lacking here, he may be offering guidance or direction.  Open yourself up and let your colors shine.  If you come across nymphs, they could mean you have been too emotional and need to steady yourself or perhaps you are holding too much in.  In order to grow and reach the flight of your potential, one must find their balance and knowledge from which wisdom can take flight from.