Praying Mantis

The name Mantis comes from the Greek word, "Prophet".  We sincerely have the tendency to view people by their actions, not by the inactions.  But stillness and contemplation are two of the world's greatest assets.  How many times have we spoken without first listening?  How many times have we walked by the very item we are searching for or acted before thinking about the consequences?  The mantis is our guide here; and, should we see one, it is time to stop whatever we are doing and consider our actions.

The mantis blends into its surroundings.  It becomes one with its world.  It is a very successful hunter.  It can do something that virtually no other insect can- turn its head.  It holds still trusting fate will bring its food to him, but also knows when it needs to take action- when to strike- when to move- when to hide- when to fly!  The mantis will gratefully accept offerings and is thankful for them.

Consider when visiting a Mantis: Am I being impatient?  Have I openly given thanks to those who have helped me?  How is my faith?  Have I developed trustful relationships?  Am I trustful?  What are my plans?  Am I making too many motions?  Am I not taking effective actions?