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    Castle Earth was a children's museum in Ventura County.  They were kind enough to provide us with this portion of the site.  Castle Earth's year 2000 workshop program was Plant Identification.  Please visit the children's efforts.  One child, a 13 year old, documented the program into a plant identification web program.  The children, from 8 to 15 years old, learned life science, survival aides, gained field work experience and used research techniques.  They shot all the pictures.   They hiked, in one summer, 100 miles and had a great time.  Each year we continue to build upon the wonderful efforts of these kids and add new plants and their uses on a regular basis.   Castor Bean Fruit.jpg (95438 bytes)

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      Note about the project:  The children doing this project were incredible.  Not only did they show passion for this project, but determination as well.  Many plants found in America, today, are not "Native" here.  They have become "Naturalized", which means they were brought from somewhere else, planted here, and they propagated and thrived.   When researching, the children used approximately ten different books, including: Encyclopedia Britannica, The Almanac, Illustrated Guide to Herbs, European Herbs, and several field guides of Deserts- Santa Monica Mountains- and others.  To the best of our knowledge, the information is accurate and correct, but there are hundreds of variations occurring.  



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