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Mars Polar cap


141,710,000 miles from sun

Its year is 687 Earth days long

Its day is 24 hrs 37 minutes long

Its diameter is 4194 miles across

Its atmosphere is mostly Carbon Dioxide & a little Nitrogen

Its temperature is +70 degrees Fahrenheit in the day,

-130 degrees Fahrenheit at night at ground level

Mars has many special attributes.  First, it has two tiny moons named Deimos and Phobos (a multiple view of Phobos is located at the bottom of the page).  Mars has frozen Carbon Dioxide (what we call dry ice) at both its poles.   Mars  has only 1% of Earth atmosphere, which is small when comparing it to Venus's atmosphere.  Because of the weak atmosphere, air pressure and temperature are greatly affected.  At ground level it can be 70 degrees Fahrenheit, but 5 feet higher it can be a frigid -15  degrees Fahrenheit.  Mars's gravity is 1/3 Earth's, thus a 300 pound rock would weigh only 100 pounds on Mars.  Mars is less than twice the size of Earth's Moon.

Mars also sets a couple of solar system known records.  First, Mars has the solar systems highest mountain, Giant Olympus Mons.  The mountain is a volcano and it is 10 miles taller than Mt. Everest here on Earth.  Mars also has the grandest of canyons.  Valles Marineris Canyon, on Mars, is 3000 miles long, 62 miles wide, and 2.5 miles deep!

Mars has been a scientific curiosity for life.  We know it has Carbon Dioxide, Nitrogen and Oxygen in its atmosphere.  The surface has Iron Oxide (Rust) produce when iron and water mix with air.  It has a survivable temperature.  It even has weather patterns (as seen below).  A clincher was an iron consisting meteor known to come from Mars.  It is believed some of the tubular impressions marking the interior are in fact a worm, larvae, or bacteria life.  The Earth does have multiple missions planned to Mars, all with hopes for 'life discovery'


Mars Chasm

Mars Labyrinth


Mars Moon "Phobos"

Mars Tornado