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Sun Cross Section

Large Sun Flare

Sun Flare


 The sun is incredible.  The sun is 332,946 times the mass of the Earth.  The sun's surface area is 12,000 times larger than the Earth's surface.  The surface of the sun is 6,000 degrees centigrade; and, the inner core is 20 million degrees centigrade.   The diameter of our sun is 865,400 miles across.

The Sun is a star fueled by Hydrogen gas, enough to last another 6 billion years.  The sun's age is estimated to be 4.49 billion years old (just a wee baby, huh). 

 Our planets circle around our sun.

  Our solar system travels through space at about 12 miles per second.

  Our sun is part of the Milky Way Galaxy which also rotates at an amazing 175 miles per second in our area. 

 The equator of our sun rotates once around every 25 Earth days.

The sun's poles takes 34 Earth days to rotate once.  Are you 'dizzy' yet?

A car weighing 2000 pounds on Earth would weigh 56,000 pounds on the sun, (if it didn't melt first).  The sun is chalk full of energy and can have massive explosion called 'Solar Flares'.  The Solar Flares can go 80,000 miles high and release massive magnetic charges.  Amazingly, Earth's lightning can be 6 times hotter than the surface of the sun.


Sun Ultraviolet Picture

Sun X-ray Picture