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Echota Cherokee Tribe



Teachers have the option of choosing a program geared toward:

  • Cherokee Culture
  • Chumash Culture  
  • General Native American Studies


The program starts with a lecture based on the Tribe that the students are studying, then teach the students about some of the plants and herbs that are used by Native Americans for medicine and food.  We demonstrate how they make cordage out of different plants (dogbane and milkweed). 

After the lecture portion we teach them a game and let them take part in playing the game.  The program also has a period where we entertain the students with some Native American storytelling. 

Time permitting we teach them a song and let them use some of the old musical instruments such as small hand drums, rattles and clapper sticks. 

For pricing and more information visit Explorers' Emporium.

  • Program type - Custom programs may be available at additional cost.

  • Program location - Fees will also vary based on the distance our lecturers must travel.


The terms and conditions apply. 



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